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Mars in Virgo- Movin’ and Groovin’ Challenge


Gym (Photo credits:

In honor of Mars (my Sun’s ruler) moving into Virgo (my rising sign), even though it’s still in my 12th house, I felt the need to start this challenge with emphasis on the movin’ part.  Now you’d think being an Aries Sun with Mars in Aries conjunct and a Virgo rising, that I’d love exercising and going to the gym.

Nope…not at all. At least not the regular type of exercise. Exercising my jaws to chew food like cookies, potato chips-all the bad stuff, that kind of movement I love! However that kind of movement leads to the movement of my waistline outwards to the point where my jeans start to feel like I’m in one of those magician’s boxes that cuts you in half. Add some ink and you’ve got a waist bead without the beads. Y’all know what I’m talking about. Jeans don’t lie. lol

Plus I hate to go shopping. The only place I want to shop is in my closet-to get back into my clothes where they are comfortable. And to a Virgo rising, comfort and health is crucial. Not to mention its a lot cheaper to wear what I already have and add a few other pieces to freshen up the look than it is to buy bigger clothes.

I also need to get myself moving again because things like heart disease, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and cancer are part of my familial past. No surprise as I have Sagittarius on the IC and a Moon-Neptune-Venus t-square with Venus in the 6th. And I’m no spring chicken but I’d like to keep some of that spring in my step as I season. Plus I think part of my mission is to for the buck of the way my folks have lived in the past stop with me and move on in a totally different direction.  (Pluto-Uranus conjunct in the 1st conjunct my Ascendant)


What I do love is walking, music and dancing. At the same time I love sports but that sometimes requires at least one other participant. I was looking for a way to move my body in a gentle way, non stop that does not require anyone else, I don’t have to leave home , does not need any special equipment and was not boring. In 2009-2010, my husband and I were going to the park to walk on the mile track that was around a pond. It was close to home but a bit to far away to walk to get to it. We stopped going after someones car was broken into and the city rounded up the geese that were living at the park and killed them.  Even if that had not happened, I would not have been comfortable going alone. But I missed how good walking made me feel and not to mention, getting back into jeans I had not been able to comfortably wear for several years.

Soooo…what I’m challenging you to do is join me and make yourself a playlist of your favorite upbeat music and put it on your phone, mp3 player, boom box or whatever you have and “dance walk” for at least 15 minutes non-stop 3-7 days a week inside your house, or in your backyard.  I figure why wait until the January 1 to start a healthy regimen again…start now! That’s Mars and Virgo right? 🙂

Ok, I know y’all are asking, what do I mean by “dance walk”?  All that means is walking to the beat of the music and dancing a bit while moving forward. Simple but adding a little more flare and fun than just plain walking.

Because you are at home, it takes away the excuse of not being able to afford the gym, getting to the gym, the walking track, it’s raining outside etc.

I started this last week, in my house the first two days then I took it outside, “dance walking” around my backyard. And you know what…it was really fun and like I said earlier, I have walked longer than 15 minutes.  As each song came on I wanted to keep going. Its like a party of one. I added more songs to my playlist Friday without knowing how much more time I was adding until I finished walking the playlist. It ended up being 1 hour and yesterday I added a few more songs. I ended up walking 1 1/2 hours! Now I’d like to be able to do that everyday, but I know that might not be possible but I will do at least 15 minutes.  In just one week I’m feeling better!

So I’m challenging y’all to do this for at least 15 minutes non-stop  3-7 times per week.  Longer if you can but at least 15 minutes. Now even though Mars will only be in Virgo for 6 weeks , this is an open-ended challenge as there is no time limit on health. Hopefully for me and you, this will become a daily practice, just as important as brushing your teeth everyday.

Let’s get Movin’ and Groovin’! Also let me know in the comments a few of the songs on your walking playlist.


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Ascendant Transits-Uranus Pluto Chiron connections pt 1, Saturn connections pt 2

While on YouTube the other day by chance (the way new information sometimes get to me, which then sends me off on an obsessive search to learn more) I ran across an absolutely remarkable woman named Jane Elliot.  No, not the actress who plays Tracy Quartermaine on the soap opera “General Hospital”.

Back to what I was saying, discovering Jane Elliot. When I run across folks like this, I  do one of my favorite pastime of guessing their astrological placements to see why I’m making such a connection to this person.

After a quick search I found out her birthdate and birthplace, unfortunately no time of birth listed. No problem as the only placements you can’t get without a time of birth are the houses and the degree of the Moon so I did  a chart with a midnight birth time.

Now go and watch clips of her work on YouTube or read this interview done with her on PBS. Is it any surprise that she has a Uranus/Pluto square? What do you think…possible Cancer rising putting that Pluto in her 1st house and Uranus in the 10th/9th possibly conjunct the Midheaven?  And the Moon in the 1st as well? Since it’s at the beginning of Cancer at the first minutes of the day, the Moon was in Cancer for the entire day. Another possibility, if she was not born in the wee hours of the morning, but in the evening hours, the closer that Cancer Moon is to conjuncting Pluto.  The reason I think that – her boldness to go deep and tackle the subject of racism and during the most explosive racially charged time in the United States through innovative, pioneering thought-provoking teaching as her career.  And she did does this by making people feel the experience of being a minority. No woman had ever done this before her and it definitely was shocking…how dare she challenge the status quo of the time!

I also find it ch-ironic that I would learn about Jane Elliot at this precise time of  Saturn, Uranus, Pluto and Chiron transits to my Ascendant. Also the release of this post “Breaking Bad Habits  from a fellow 1st house Uranus Pluto.  Many messages from these planets via these remarkable women that I am grateful for. Saturn is making it’s 3rd sextile as I mentioned in this post ,Uranus is making its 2nd quincunx, Pluto a 3rd and last trine and Chiron is making its 2nd opposition.

Where do I begin unraveling this pattern of messages?! Saturn known as the disciplinary teacher, keeper of time. Mrs. Elliot born in 1933 is most definitely representative of Saturn as an elder,  the 3rd house of survival education and in Scorpio…the shizzle authorities prefer to keep hidden.  Saturn is transiting my 3rd house so it seems that the other message from Saturn is saying to trust in the rightness and power of your own authority.  You know what is right, you know what is wrong.  Just because it’s always been done a certain way or a certain group says it’s right or the right way does not mean it’s right for you or anybody else.

Uranus I think carries this message even further bringing in the aspect of courage to be no matter how uncomfortable it might be to others especially when it is of benefit to the whole.  The whole is made up of individual unique parts and is only as strong as the individual parts are, whether it’s a relationship or society. Mrs Eliott again shows this in her work that she does to this day as far as I can tell. I love the way she says “I’m gonna be the bitch for the day”.  Unfortunately when a woman points out the truth or does not play the role of not being seen or heard, that’s one of the names she will be called.  A bitch, a nag, etc.

We Virgo risings get a bad wrap for being who we are. We are supposed to point out the details as overlooking the details 9 times out of 10 ends up biting one in the behind later on down the line. Now you have to spend more time fixing the issues that should have been addressed a long time ago because it has gotten bigger due to the passage of time.  Valuable time lost, time that you can’t back once spent which makes time much more valuable than money. Following, going along to get along because what I came here to do, the way I am to run in life to fulfill  the mission of my Soul is well..not what you say it is.   Kinda like trying to put a size 10 foot into a size 9 shoe. Quite painful and it ain’t cute when them dogs (your feet) are barking!  Woof, woof or more accurately, Grrr!!   Now I like being cute but not at the cost of comfort. And when I say comfort, I mean the comfort that comes from being authentically me.

As Virgo risings we are also supposed to use discernment  and with Pluto/Uranus there, ruthless, intuitive discernment. Not ruthless in a mafia way but in a not putting up with BS way.  That modus operandi of putting a round peg into a square hole will not cut the mustard anymore and has resulted in physical illness that I had to deal with during previous transits of these heavy hitters.  Remember, the 1st house is also a health house as it has to do with your physical body. This is doubly so for me because as a Virgo rising, Aquarius is the sign on the cusp of the 6th house,  the other health house. Uranus along with Saturn as co-ruler, rules the sign of Aquarius.  Uranus is of course in my 1st house very tightly conjunct Pluto.  I’ll tell ya, I’ve learned that nobody will  take care of my body/health but me so I can no longer go along with ” the way society says a woman is supposed to be. A few results of practicing discernment-less headaches, less joint pain and my sinuses are better during the height of allergy season.

This also ties into Pluto’s last trine to my Ascendant.  A natal 1st house Pluto demands authenticity, action and the correct use of power.  Jane Elliot is a reminder that especially having two powerful outer planets in aspect to one another. Otherwise Pluto will get your attention via your health, which affects everything else in your life.  And Pluto won’t let up until you do.  A lot of people don’t like her method saying it is too harsh, but the issue she addresses-is harsh. So she fights fire with fire to make sure you feel it in a way you can’t ignore. Nor will you forget it.  Sounds like just Pluto huh?

Chiron opposing my Ascendant (this will be the second hit), has brought about  wounding from others as they are not too happy with me as I’m evolving into someone they are not used to dealing with.  Most folks hate change and they definitely don’t like changes made by those close to them for fear that the one making the changes in themselves may outgrow them or they won’t be so easily controlled as they were in the past. Even if I wanted to, I can’t imagine going about life and a way being in relationships like I did when I was in my 20s. How my body looked back then, yes. The mindset, no.  oh Hell, no!

While Chiron has brought wounding from those I have been in relationship with for a long time, there has been gifts of healing within those wounds as this transit is marking a closing of a cycle of the way I move along my path.  Why is that? In a couple of years Chiron will return to conjunct its place in my natal chart.  I think the discovery of Jane Elliot is a message from Chiron as well. She stood for people who were  discriminated against and judged because of a different aspect of their appearance, an aspect they were born with.  And she began her work when Chiron was in Pisces.

Are you having or had a Saturn, Uranus, Pluto or Chiron transit to your Ascendant? Especially those of us born with the conjunction of Uranus and Pluto?   How are you experiencing them?


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Ascendant transits-Saturn Connections from the 3rd pt1

Give What You Have


Saturn is making a 3rd sextile to my Ascendant since entering the sign of Scorpio last year, as it transits my 3rd house. Not sure when it’ll be exact as it is within 1 degree, but it’ll be soon.   And man have I been filed with tons of self-doubt about well- everything.  You’d think since this is going to be the 3rd hit and a relatively harmonious aspect that I’d have it together and not be fearful of doing-this.  Writing. Communicating in general but specifically…about astrology, since I am not an astrologer.  But we are talking about Saturn so that should not be too much of a surprise.

You see, in my natal chart Saturn and Chiron are conjunct my chart ruler Mercury retrograde in Pisces in my 7th.  Yes, my Mercury is in its detriment and it’s retrograde so most probably would say that’s double detriment…conjunct Saturn and Chiron, triple detriment.  And Saturn rules my 5th.  Great! Not only is the way I go about life full of obstacles, pain and challenges, my fun and creativity-the stress relief valve, does not flow easily either. Before I knew anything about astrology, I used to think that so imagine how I felt when I did start to learn astrology. Until I realized, I don’t see or approach the world the way most people do.  It’s definitely in a roundabout way that I manage to apply some structure to. However, it’s not in the “normal” microwave, gotta have it right now way society functions.

Recently I was looking back at the elementary school report cards I still have. Yeah, that was eons ago. lol My 2nd grade teacher wrote me up for talking too much in class and that I was a slow worker in doing my assigned work. Got in trouble with the parents so I seriously curtailed my speech from that point on, really cracked the books and tried to be invisible. After that I started getting As & Bs. That’s great and shoulda made the parents happy, right? Nope. I was then told that I only had book sense but no common sense.  What a crushing thing to hear from your parents as a 7, 8-9 year old kid.  That continued as I went through high school as well. Now this did not stop me from achieving academically (was #38 out of a graduating class of 603) but I did not do as well as I could have due to fear of really seeming like a smarty pants to my folks, mainly my mother but my father basically went along with whatever she said whenever he was home. Coupled with the fact in my culture, you were not supposed to be an intelligent female…what, how dare you?!

Water poured into my gas tank so my car can’t move.  That’s how I think of the Ascendent as your car. Why..I mean I’m your kid? Afraid I might dig around learn something I’m not supposed to know? Or get an education to learn something that might enable me to have better choices and do better than you?  Push repeat play on that mix tape of fear into my ear, ” You aren’t smart enough or have sense enough to see, think or have the skills to do anything “. Better yet, “No man is going to want you”.

But now 30 years later, it’s different…but a bit the same. Because it’s transiting Saturn, I like to look at it in the same way one looks at the Saturn return. After all Saturn in its travels around your chart will not only return to its natal position 30 years later, but will do the same to the other points/planets in your chart. Hence a new beginning or level of maturity to be expressed in this area of the chart.

Ah. I now realize that I need not fear “driving” along my path and I need not fear being who I am, which IS good enough, regardless of who likes it or not.  I’ve acquired many skills and probably discovered some that I was born with but depressed by those fearing and maybe even jealous of. How can someone younger possibly know more? Going deep, questioning, analyzing, exploring. Got lots of goodies in the bag and it ain’t no junk.

Saturn has been beneficial as well by making sure Jupiter’s expansion does not get out of hand but at the same time putting effort behind Jupiter’s ideas. Hence the launch of this blog. The thought has been on my mind for some time but honestly I was scared to do it. Heck I’m still scared. That’s one of the reasons why it takes me so long for me to do a post. Writing…and really communication for that matter do not come easy to me. Though Saturn has also helped me to put more effort into my astrology studies by putting myself out there via the World Wide Web. Still gotta discpline myself more but Saturn has given me the push to cut down some of the distractions of the 3rd house. I have Jupiter in Gemini, the sign that naturally rules this house so that also means the distraction level is even higher. Saturn is teaching, if it’s not necessary, it’ll be done at a later time or cut out all together.

Hmm,  it seems to me that the Ascendant is more than a mask. True, it’s what we present to world but I think it’s the vehicle that transports the planets in your chart around, so they can do their thang to help you grow and evolve throughout your time on this side of the earth, with the ruler(S) as the wise chauffeur.  As least that’s what I think Saturn says…;-)

Transiting Minor Aspects-Not so Minor

Do any of you look at the minor aspects of the transiting planets? They have captured my attention for a while now as events and/or feelings emerge but I can’t see anything based on where the planets are and they are not making any major aspects to anything in my chart. However, when I count up the distance the transiting planet is from my natal planet…ah ha!

One case in point…Uranus in Aries is conjunct my 8th Aries Sun. My Sun, Virgo Ascendant and Gemini MC are the only thing I have in the lower tens, single digit degrees in my chart. So only looking at the normally used major aspects, conjunction, sextile, square, trine and opposition, the only aspect Uranus appears to be making is a conjunction to my Sun. Going with the traditional meanings of Uranus conjuncting the Sun in the 8th would probably be something like this-an unexpected (Uranus) sexual encounter (8th house) that makes one shine. Hmph!! It really pisses me off that sex is the one of the main descriptions of the 8th house. The other one- inheritance. Both are non-issues for me and clearly are not hitting close to what is going on in my life. Until..

I remember that my Sun is quincunx my Ascendant and semi-square my 6th house Venus. The semi-square is hardly ever talked about as a natal aspect and even less so by transit.  So if transiting Uranus is conjunct my Sun and in the natal chart the Sun is semi-square Venus, then transiting Uranus is semi-square my Venus. That also means that transiting Uranus is affecting my 6th house. Uh yeah, it sure has…in everything that Venus represents and 6th house matters.

Getting back to the other aspect to my Ascendant means that the Uranus/Pluto conjunction is being brought out to the fore, though it will be more so when Uranus aspects my Mars. Transiting Pluto is also semi-square my Venus and squaring my Sun. Also transiting Chiron is semi-sextile my Sun.

I have felt every one of these so-called minor aspects. Uranus and Pluto as I mentioned before, is calling for my Sun to come out of the shadows. Just this week I had to stand up for myself by saying no to a responsibility being put on me ( care-taking of someones child ) because it is the traditional responsibility of a female. Nope, I am not a “traditional” female.

English: This is an image of the planet Uranus...

English: This is an image of the planet Uranus taken by the spacecraft Voyager 2 in 1986 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If I was supposed to fill that role, I don’t think I would have been born with Uranus/Pluto conjunct my Ascendant combined with a Sun/Mars Aries conjunction and that Mars quincunxing Uranus and Pluto. My 4th and 5th houses are empty, my Venus is in Aquarius, I have nothing in Cancer and I’ve never had or wanted to have children. Helllooo!! This also brings up the hurt (Chiron) of not being seen for who I was by my father (Sun).

You see, my normal modus operandi prior to the mid-life transits was to try and do whatever I could to help out, irregardless of the cost to me and my well-being. Now I’m not saying this to paint myself as a saint. Nope. I’m actually embarrassed because I realize how I was basically a sucker and how much time and energy I have wasted on other folks self-created dramas. Time, energy and money that could have been used to find out my own dreams. Carrying this further is the fact of folks thinking they only have to talk to my husband about something that involves both of us. Excuse me?! This is 2013 not 1943!

So not only is my core getting a makeover but the vehicle in which my Sun is to travel in to do what it came here to do is being made over as well. Kinda like stripping the layers of paint off an antique piece, revealing the original finish underneath. That description is very àpropos because I grew up with mega fixed energy parents. My father was a Taurus Sun/Mercury/Uranus conjunct with an early degree Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in Taurus as well and Pluto in Leo. My mother is a Leo Sun/Jupiter/Pluto/North Node conjunct in Leo with Mercury in the late degrees of Leo and Mars in Taurus. See what I mean?

As I looked at the natal aspects that are being activated in my chart, I read in my books on these transits. “Alive and Well with Uranus“, “Alive and Well with Neptune“, “Alive and Well with Pluto” and “The Twelve Faces of Saturn” all by Bil Tierney are excellent books on the transits of these planets in the houses of your chart and the contacts to the planets in your chart.  While he does not cover the minor aspects or the major aspects specifically, he gives a very detailed description of the aspect contact.  Here’s the title to a section on Uranus/Earth Venus transits: “Breaking Habits” Yep, breaking the habit of always saying yes because I don’t want to be looked at as mean if I say no to a way of being that society says, I’m supposed to say yes to. A title for the one of the Air/Venus sections: “Rude Awakening” Oh yeah, definitely.

What I’m getting at here is that by looking at the minor aspect contacts, and reading on those contacts in addition to the obvious contact being made, the astrology starts to make sense. How do you make sense of the transits compared to what’s happening in your life?  



Ascendant Transits-Jupiter Connections pt 1

A wider view of Jupiter and the Great Red Spot...

A wider view of Jupiter and the Great Red Spot as seen from Voyager 1 in 1979 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What I have somewhat neglected to recognize consciously is the fact that my Ascendant has been receiving laser beams at it by all the outer planets starting with Jupiter and including the North Node. I’ll talk about these in future posts but in this one I’ll talk about Jupiter.  Don’t be surprised if there is another post to go along with this one.

Jupiter in Cancer,  while in the single digits have sextild my Ascendant and explains the yo-yo effect on my appetite and the way that I look at life. At first I started back craving sweets and my all time favorite potato chips. Then the cravings kinda went away or maybe I should say I’ve had more willpower (Scorpio) and discipline (Saturn) to control the indulging the last few weeks. Taking a risk of sounding like Martha Stewart, “that’s a good thing” because my waistline has expanded from all those (Jupiter) size bag of chips I have been eating…by myself. I am definitely an emotional eater and the emotions have run on overdrive as I go from being optimistic, well somewhat optimistic as being one of those happy-go-lucky totally optimistic is so not me, to totally pessimistic.

Maybe one day, I’ll be optimistic. Nah, I doubt that…too Plutonian.

Now Jupiter in Cancer so far has delivered more than just the bag or three of chips lol.  As he’s traveled through my 11th house, he’s gifted me in the form of expanding my network. More accurately, I’m finding my tribe which is basically what a family is. The difference being its with people who are not related by blood.  And the best part… you get to choose!

Again, a good thing as finding these people has helped me feel more secure in learning, expanding, exploring and sharing the Uranian part of me that has been forced underground since childhood. That goes for the Plutonian part as well since they are as one in my natal chart.

I’m reading “Exploring the Astrological Key to Jupiter” by Stephen Arroyo so I’m sure I’ll have more to say later.  And hopefully my posts will get better.


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