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Mars in Virgo- Movin’ and Groovin’ Challenge


Gym (Photo credits:

In honor of Mars (my Sun’s ruler) moving into Virgo (my rising sign), even though it’s still in my 12th house, I felt the need to start this challenge with emphasis on the movin’ part.  Now you’d think being an Aries Sun with Mars in Aries conjunct and a Virgo rising, that I’d love exercising and going to the gym.

Nope…not at all. At least not the regular type of exercise. Exercising my jaws to chew food like cookies, potato chips-all the bad stuff, that kind of movement I love! However that kind of movement leads to the movement of my waistline outwards to the point where my jeans start to feel like I’m in one of those magician’s boxes that cuts you in half. Add some ink and you’ve got a waist bead without the beads. Y’all know what I’m talking about. Jeans don’t lie. lol

Plus I hate to go shopping. The only place I want to shop is in my closet-to get back into my clothes where they are comfortable. And to a Virgo rising, comfort and health is crucial. Not to mention its a lot cheaper to wear what I already have and add a few other pieces to freshen up the look than it is to buy bigger clothes.

I also need to get myself moving again because things like heart disease, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and cancer are part of my familial past. No surprise as I have Sagittarius on the IC and a Moon-Neptune-Venus t-square with Venus in the 6th. And I’m no spring chicken but I’d like to keep some of that spring in my step as I season. Plus I think part of my mission is to for the buck of the way my folks have lived in the past stop with me and move on in a totally different direction.  (Pluto-Uranus conjunct in the 1st conjunct my Ascendant)


What I do love is walking, music and dancing. At the same time I love sports but that sometimes requires at least one other participant. I was looking for a way to move my body in a gentle way, non stop that does not require anyone else, I don’t have to leave home , does not need any special equipment and was not boring. In 2009-2010, my husband and I were going to the park to walk on the mile track that was around a pond. It was close to home but a bit to far away to walk to get to it. We stopped going after someones car was broken into and the city rounded up the geese that were living at the park and killed them.  Even if that had not happened, I would not have been comfortable going alone. But I missed how good walking made me feel and not to mention, getting back into jeans I had not been able to comfortably wear for several years.

Soooo…what I’m challenging you to do is join me and make yourself a playlist of your favorite upbeat music and put it on your phone, mp3 player, boom box or whatever you have and “dance walk” for at least 15 minutes non-stop 3-7 days a week inside your house, or in your backyard.  I figure why wait until the January 1 to start a healthy regimen again…start now! That’s Mars and Virgo right? 🙂

Ok, I know y’all are asking, what do I mean by “dance walk”?  All that means is walking to the beat of the music and dancing a bit while moving forward. Simple but adding a little more flare and fun than just plain walking.

Because you are at home, it takes away the excuse of not being able to afford the gym, getting to the gym, the walking track, it’s raining outside etc.

I started this last week, in my house the first two days then I took it outside, “dance walking” around my backyard. And you know what…it was really fun and like I said earlier, I have walked longer than 15 minutes.  As each song came on I wanted to keep going. Its like a party of one. I added more songs to my playlist Friday without knowing how much more time I was adding until I finished walking the playlist. It ended up being 1 hour and yesterday I added a few more songs. I ended up walking 1 1/2 hours! Now I’d like to be able to do that everyday, but I know that might not be possible but I will do at least 15 minutes.  In just one week I’m feeling better!

So I’m challenging y’all to do this for at least 15 minutes non-stop  3-7 times per week.  Longer if you can but at least 15 minutes. Now even though Mars will only be in Virgo for 6 weeks , this is an open-ended challenge as there is no time limit on health. Hopefully for me and you, this will become a daily practice, just as important as brushing your teeth everyday.

Let’s get Movin’ and Groovin’! Also let me know in the comments a few of the songs on your walking playlist.


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My Sun Will Rise

The sun rises

Jupiter in Cancer is squaring my Aries Sun while Uranus in Aries is conjunct my Sun.  As Uranus has been retrograde, it will back up over my Sun for its second run-in. Whew , I have gotten a bit of a break from Pluto, though it’s still technically squaring my Sun but not as close as Jupiter.

So what is the Sun, astrologically that is? It’s your core, deep down inside that we are to blossom into. Your life force. Your center. Literally the heart of you. The Sun is rules by the sign Leo and Leo rules the heart. It makes perfect sense because without the rays of the Sun there would be no life on earth. And for life on Earth, at least for mammals, no heartbeat means no life.  The Sun is also where you must shine to feel alive. This is something I’m still learning about…well actually all of astrology. lol

One of my favorite astrologers Donna van Toen mentioned in her tidbits of wisdom she offers from time to time  “the Sun is not “what you are”; it’s what you’re in the process of becoming…”  I do believe that is true.

Yeah, my Aries Sun being pummeled into a new form, now and will be for the next 2-3 of years.  But you know what? It needs it. Why? My Aries Sun is buried deep in the 8th house. Yep that dark, scary 8th house that no one likes to talk about. I get glimpses every so often of what that Aries Sun should be and I’ve even played the starring role a few times. But then it goes right back into its hiding spot for various reasons that I’m sure I’ll share later.

Now it’s being forced to come out and get in the game.

As I mentioned earlier the Sun is ruled by Leo which is masculine energy. The Sun is exalted in Aries meaning it’s the sign that the Sun most easily operates in and functions better than the sign it rules.  Why is that? Aries energy is masculine just like Leo’s energy but what makes it exalted I think is,  in order for Leo to really shine, it needs an audience. Whereas Aries will shine and do what it’s gonna do regardless, even if nobody else is around to see. Because it is. The Sun shines 24/7/365, whether we see it as we do on a day that’s not cloudy, or on a cloud filled day or night time.

It takes courage (Aries) to shine and follow your heart (Sun). This is part of what I’m learning.

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Cera is Hoppin’ Mad

Jaded Bullyvic Says: My New Year's Resolution,...

Jaded Bullyvic Says: My New Year’s Resolution, To Be A Kinder More Caring Person, Just As All Feminists Should. I Just Haven’t Decided On Which January 1st To Start (Photo credit: ImNotMraBut)

Mars in Cancer is exactly inconjunct (150 degrees) my Venus in Aquarius today. This positioning in the sky is not boding well for me, As a matter of fact I’m downright irritable.Though the pressure has eased off a bit from earlier today when the Moon was right on my Venus.

The inconjunct is an aspect that requires adjustment and is an irritant. Not as irritating as a square or opposition but an irritant nonetheless. Let’s see why I’m feeling irritated.

The Moon rules the sign of Cancer. Cancer being the 4th sign of the Zodiac represents home, family, nurturing, tradition, staying close to home, what’s familiar, your roots, your foundation, your ancestry. Cancer energy feels its way through and approaches life in an indirect way. Back and forth, sideways and zig- zag. The Crab, Cancer’s symbol moves about in this way.

On the other hand Mars rules Aries the 1st sign of the Zodiac. (hey that’s my Mars and Sun sign :-). Aries is the sign of the warrior, action, bravery, the pioneer, the self. Aries energy is fast and direct. I bet the person who coined the phrase the phrase “the fastest way between point A & B is a straight line was an Aries. No beating around the bush with this sign.

So based on what’s been said above, you can see why Mars would not be so happy in the sign of Cancer. The astrological terminology for the Aries/Cancer relationship is a square (90 degrees). That’s another irritating reason.

Adding lighter fuel to this fire is the fact that my Venus is in Aquarius, the sign of the rebel. Non-traditional. Freedom loving. “Don’t put me in a box” energy. Non status-quo. The future.

Uranus rules the sign of Aquarius and is transiting where?! Aries!!  Hmm, there is a pattern here.

Cera (that would be me) definitely needs to make some changes at home in the way she operates for a better future. Otherwise…it won’t be pretty. For me or anybody else. The status-quo must go!! lol

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