Hello! I’m MsFullroller from the blog CeraIsis and YouTube.  I’m a student of astrology and part of the generation born during the 1960’s when the planets Uranus and Pluto came together in the sky to form a powerful union.

As you can tell from the title, this blog will be my ramblings on random topics from a personal astrological and sometimes numerological view-point. In other words, this blog is about how the transits of the planets are affecting me and how I’m connecting the dots. My hope is that my ramblings may help others going through the same transits or about to because I learn best from others experiences.

Yes the method of sharing here will be random and all over the place. Again, that’s how I learn.  But I think you’ll get something out of it.

Join me in the conversation as I continue to wander along my journey of self discovery.  Heck you may find yourself too and there is always room for the company of open minds.

Please Share Your Thoughts-You Never Know Who It Might Help

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