Knowledge “Red” Pill Time: Uranus, Trauma and Healing from an Evolutionary Viewpoint

Inspired by my friend, astro sister Ursula at “An Upturned Soul” and her series Internet Treasures, I decided to start a similarly themed series of “medicine” blogs, videos or whatever I happen to run across that are helping me in this journey of self discovery. Red pills to stimulate thought, to move more into the KNOWing of self and move away from the LEDGE of ignorance of self that we find ourselves tetering on. In order to really begin to heal from falling off that damn ledge cracking our skull open one to many times because we can NOW actually start to see it.   

So for my first post under this tag(?) will be a series of videos recently uploaded to a YouTube channel that I have been subscribed to for quite awhile.

I hope that you can see all 4 videos  on the page and get something out of them. Especially those of us with the Uranus/Pluto conjunction in Virgo. They also talk a little bit about Uranus transits at the end of the video on the 10th, 11th and 12th house video.

Oh my, in typical natal Mercury retro fashion I forgot to add the link to the EvolutionaryAstroNet  YouTube channel. Along with this series of videos they have recently uploaded a boat load of other videos. Some in reference to previous configurations in the sky but still very relevant.    

Enjoy and most of all get to know and love thyself! 🙂

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  1. Thank you, astro sis 😀

    This is great and I love your idea!

    I’ve listened to a bit of the first video so far. He’s really testing my personal astro where concentration is concerned 😉

    Checked out his website and couldn’t find his natal chart. It might be there, maybe I overlooked it, I’m very distracted and tired at the moment. Did find out that he’s a Pisces Pig (Chinese sign) though. I like to know the astro of an astrologer because then I know where they’re coming from. I’m guessing he has the Pluto/Uranus conjunction, but what house?

    Also would love to know more about how these video lectures worked for you. Did you have any Aha moments?

    • I have downloaded all the videos and converted them to mp3 type format so I could listen to them on my phone. And in natal Mercury retro conjunct Saturn fashion, I’m gonna have to listen to them more than once. But yes, there have been some aha moments as to making some sense of the why of my childhood and the way my life has gone up to this point. I can’t say anything regarding past lives as I don’t remember much prior to age 6-7 let alone prior lives. lol

  2. So you really got me thinking about this concept of Uranus and trauma. I’ve been doing a bit of research (me style) and one person suggested using the nodes of Uranus as well.

    Info on planetary nodes:

    I haven’t done much with that yet, just noted where they are and then went hmmm…

    I did come across an interesting breakdown by Steven Forrest of Uranus’ transit through the houses and as I was reading it, it struck me that we could follow the effect of Uranus from the day we are born on our lives using the transit and it gives an idea of the path of the trauma, so to speak, which Uranus brings and then insists we solve. The stages and evolution of the process.

    Link to that page:

    Some people consider the trauma connected to Uranus as being karmic and related to past lives. I’m a bit more inclined to see this life as a whole where everything is in the here and now. It’s not that I don’t believe in past lives, it’s more that I see them as being part of the whole. I didn’t explain that well, never mind.

    Here’s an interesting look at working with nodes:

    Sorry for all the links, this is how Merc in Aqua works 😉

    • Girl, you’ve forgot that you’re dealing with a Jupiter in Gemini, Mercury retro opposing Pluto/Uranus and a 9th house NN… that’s some good shit! 😉 Thank you so much for the info!

      The discovery of the videos I posted was the first I’ve ever heard Uranus being connected to trauma though the past life connection makes a lot sense. I’m not sure how I feel about past lives but I also see where you are coming from.

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