Ascendant Transits-Uranus Pluto Chiron connections pt 1, Saturn connections pt 2

While on YouTube the other day by chance (the way new information sometimes get to me, which then sends me off on an obsessive search to learn more) I ran across an absolutely remarkable woman named Jane Elliot.  No, not the actress who plays Tracy Quartermaine on the soap opera “General Hospital”.

Back to what I was saying, discovering Jane Elliot. When I run across folks like this, I  do one of my favorite pastime of guessing their astrological placements to see why I’m making such a connection to this person.

After a quick search I found out her birthdate and birthplace, unfortunately no time of birth listed. No problem as the only placements you can’t get without a time of birth are the houses and the degree of the Moon so I did  a chart with a midnight birth time.

Now go and watch clips of her work on YouTube or read this interview done with her on PBS. Is it any surprise that she has a Uranus/Pluto square? What do you think…possible Cancer rising putting that Pluto in her 1st house and Uranus in the 10th/9th possibly conjunct the Midheaven?  And the Moon in the 1st as well? Since it’s at the beginning of Cancer at the first minutes of the day, the Moon was in Cancer for the entire day. Another possibility, if she was not born in the wee hours of the morning, but in the evening hours, the closer that Cancer Moon is to conjuncting Pluto.  The reason I think that – her boldness to go deep and tackle the subject of racism and during the most explosive racially charged time in the United States through innovative, pioneering thought-provoking teaching as her career.  And she did does this by making people feel the experience of being a minority. No woman had ever done this before her and it definitely was shocking…how dare she challenge the status quo of the time!

I also find it ch-ironic that I would learn about Jane Elliot at this precise time of  Saturn, Uranus, Pluto and Chiron transits to my Ascendant. Also the release of this post “Breaking Bad Habits  from a fellow 1st house Uranus Pluto.  Many messages from these planets via these remarkable women that I am grateful for. Saturn is making it’s 3rd sextile as I mentioned in this post ,Uranus is making its 2nd quincunx, Pluto a 3rd and last trine and Chiron is making its 2nd opposition.

Where do I begin unraveling this pattern of messages?! Saturn known as the disciplinary teacher, keeper of time. Mrs. Elliot born in 1933 is most definitely representative of Saturn as an elder,  the 3rd house of survival education and in Scorpio…the shizzle authorities prefer to keep hidden.  Saturn is transiting my 3rd house so it seems that the other message from Saturn is saying to trust in the rightness and power of your own authority.  You know what is right, you know what is wrong.  Just because it’s always been done a certain way or a certain group says it’s right or the right way does not mean it’s right for you or anybody else.

Uranus I think carries this message even further bringing in the aspect of courage to be no matter how uncomfortable it might be to others especially when it is of benefit to the whole.  The whole is made up of individual unique parts and is only as strong as the individual parts are, whether it’s a relationship or society. Mrs Eliott again shows this in her work that she does to this day as far as I can tell. I love the way she says “I’m gonna be the bitch for the day”.  Unfortunately when a woman points out the truth or does not play the role of not being seen or heard, that’s one of the names she will be called.  A bitch, a nag, etc.

We Virgo risings get a bad wrap for being who we are. We are supposed to point out the details as overlooking the details 9 times out of 10 ends up biting one in the behind later on down the line. Now you have to spend more time fixing the issues that should have been addressed a long time ago because it has gotten bigger due to the passage of time.  Valuable time lost, time that you can’t back once spent which makes time much more valuable than money. Following, going along to get along because what I came here to do, the way I am to run in life to fulfill  the mission of my Soul is well..not what you say it is.   Kinda like trying to put a size 10 foot into a size 9 shoe. Quite painful and it ain’t cute when them dogs (your feet) are barking!  Woof, woof or more accurately, Grrr!!   Now I like being cute but not at the cost of comfort. And when I say comfort, I mean the comfort that comes from being authentically me.

As Virgo risings we are also supposed to use discernment  and with Pluto/Uranus there, ruthless, intuitive discernment. Not ruthless in a mafia way but in a not putting up with BS way.  That modus operandi of putting a round peg into a square hole will not cut the mustard anymore and has resulted in physical illness that I had to deal with during previous transits of these heavy hitters.  Remember, the 1st house is also a health house as it has to do with your physical body. This is doubly so for me because as a Virgo rising, Aquarius is the sign on the cusp of the 6th house,  the other health house. Uranus along with Saturn as co-ruler, rules the sign of Aquarius.  Uranus is of course in my 1st house very tightly conjunct Pluto.  I’ll tell ya, I’ve learned that nobody will  take care of my body/health but me so I can no longer go along with ” the way society says a woman is supposed to be. A few results of practicing discernment-less headaches, less joint pain and my sinuses are better during the height of allergy season.

This also ties into Pluto’s last trine to my Ascendant.  A natal 1st house Pluto demands authenticity, action and the correct use of power.  Jane Elliot is a reminder that especially having two powerful outer planets in aspect to one another. Otherwise Pluto will get your attention via your health, which affects everything else in your life.  And Pluto won’t let up until you do.  A lot of people don’t like her method saying it is too harsh, but the issue she addresses-is harsh. So she fights fire with fire to make sure you feel it in a way you can’t ignore. Nor will you forget it.  Sounds like just Pluto huh?

Chiron opposing my Ascendant (this will be the second hit), has brought about  wounding from others as they are not too happy with me as I’m evolving into someone they are not used to dealing with.  Most folks hate change and they definitely don’t like changes made by those close to them for fear that the one making the changes in themselves may outgrow them or they won’t be so easily controlled as they were in the past. Even if I wanted to, I can’t imagine going about life and a way being in relationships like I did when I was in my 20s. How my body looked back then, yes. The mindset, no.  oh Hell, no!

While Chiron has brought wounding from those I have been in relationship with for a long time, there has been gifts of healing within those wounds as this transit is marking a closing of a cycle of the way I move along my path.  Why is that? In a couple of years Chiron will return to conjunct its place in my natal chart.  I think the discovery of Jane Elliot is a message from Chiron as well. She stood for people who were  discriminated against and judged because of a different aspect of their appearance, an aspect they were born with.  And she began her work when Chiron was in Pisces.

Are you having or had a Saturn, Uranus, Pluto or Chiron transit to your Ascendant? Especially those of us born with the conjunction of Uranus and Pluto?   How are you experiencing them?


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  1. Fascinating!!! Jane Elliott, there is something very familiar about her story, I think I may have heard about her work. I know the eye colour exercise has been used in psychology experiments to show how prevalent tribalism is in human minds. In fact I think I just remembered why I know of her!

    Tribalism can be found at work in everything and everywhere. In astrology too. The human mind’s need to categorise and split (into good or bad, right or wrong) is very strong. I wonder what the origins of it are? My guess is that it is a survival mechanism which evolved into being more than just about surviving. Primal instincts are there and when we don’t use them for survival they still influence us.

    This ties in with the Pluto/Uranus conjunction. For those born with it, splitting those energies is impossible. I have found it intriguing to study people who have those energies separate just to get a grasp on the differences. I have them in different signs, I was born at the point just before the conjunction ended, and if I use a different chart they are not conjunct. So in some ways I do not belong to the Uranus/Pluto conjunct tribe. My Uranus is a degree or so away from the cusp of the 2nd house, and in a different chart it is in the 2nd rather than 1st. That is my life story right there. Never quite belonging to any tribe. I’m mixed race, people occasionally play guess my race with me, and I have red hair (if you don’t have red hair you’ll think this is a silly thing for me to point out – Catherine Tate captured it very humorously in a comedic sketch). I belong to one tribe, mine, with one member, me, but I also belong to the human race. That last sentence is for me a description of how Uranus/Pluto work in my chart and how my Chiron and NN interact with them.

    Transit wise – Saturn has been aspecting my ascendant, and is now moving away from that. Chiron is conjunct my descendant and opposing my Asc. I have been reviewing who I was and the experiences which I had when this happened years ago, and comparing then with now. Which is important, but I’m not sure how or why. I did make a mistake in looking up Saturn conjunct Neptune which is coming up soon. Perhaps that is why I have been doing the comparing, to see how much I’ve changed, before Saturn hits my Neptune and squares my Moon and Venus. The last time this happened was one of the most grim times in my life. I wrote about this for a post and decided I could not post that post. Been doing that a lot recently.

    This comment is a bit overlong. I do want to add that I love the way you make connections, I love doing that too, and it always surprises me how many people don’t do that because everything we need to know is in everything which touches our life and us, including the most trivial seeming thing. There is nothing trivial! And thank you for the shout-out 😀

    • Don’t ever feel like your comment is too long. It’s the very thing that helps me and might help someone else who might happen across this blog. And I want to be sure to let you know I appreciate it more than I can put into words.

      I hope that you will share what you’ve written even if you feel you have to re-word it a bit. Heck, that’s what transiting Saturn in Scorpio in our 3rd house is all about..getting down to the nitty gritty. Also if you have not read Steven Forrest’s “The Book of Pluto”, here’s briefly what he says about the mission of a 1st house Pluto:

      “…Human culture needs it’s beads read sometimes. We need people such as yourself who are born with the rare ability to face their own radical fury and their own bleak desolation. We need them, after that personal “descent into Hell”, to emerge and help us face the dark in our own lives… when people are ready for the truth, you can step in..”

      I think this too brings in your 7th house Chiron.

      I’m glad you’ve mentioned Saturn transiting Neptune. I have peeked at it too wondering as it will set off my t-square as well. The Moon squaring Neptune aspect is the next tightest aspect behind my Pluto-Uranus conjunction. Whatever happens at the Saturn conjunction, it’ll be a new cycle. So maybe there will be preparation for a release from the lifetime of madness so that we can experience on some level the childhood (not literally but the context) we never had. A serious (pun fully intended) rebirth.

  2. Thank you 😀 I feel that way about your comments, your words and the energy within them help me. I hope you share more posts about your journey and experiences too.

    I was thinking about a way that I used to feel, out of sync with the times, sometimes as though I was way ahead, and spoke out too soon and my words were rejected because they were too futuristic, and sometimes way behind the times, as though I was from the past and somehow crossed into the present and didn’t know how I got here, and when I spoke it was in an archaic tongue so my words were lost. Yet now I feel in sync. Like my words are speaking the language of the now.

    And then sometimes I think I’m just Uranian loopy 😉

    This mass transit of Scorpio is very intense, even my natural Scorpio/Pluto side is finding it heavy going. Definitely feel a metamorphosis in the air. I always feel my worst before one, the death of an old self hurts most during the dying bit when the old self still clings and you still cling too. Knowing you need to let go, yet the fingers still grip tightly.

    It is an honour to share this experience with my Astro-Sis! A bit weird too, to know… you know.

  3. I have the Pluto/Uranus conjunction as well in my 4th house conjunct my Moon. I had t-Pluto conjunct my Descendant 10 years ago and it was an incredibly difficult time that took years and a lot of money to get over. Dark night of the soul would be a good description.

    I’m currently experiencing the square from t-Chiron to my Asc/Dsc which is also opposite my Pluto/Uranus/Moon conjunction. I lost my Virgo best friend of 22 years last Fall. t-Neptune is also squaring my 12th house Sun/Mercury so I have no clue what is going on with that situation.

    As for t-Saturn it is conjunct my natal Neptune in the 6th house and I have been having joint pain which comes and goes and doesn’t show up in any bloodwork. How appropriate.

    Overall I feel…odd. Light and upbeat while prone to sudden crying over my best friend. It’s odd 🙂 I don’t know how else to say it.

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