Transiting Minor Aspects-Not so Minor

Do any of you look at the minor aspects of the transiting planets? They have captured my attention for a while now as events and/or feelings emerge but I can’t see anything based on where the planets are and they are not making any major aspects to anything in my chart. However, when I count up the distance the transiting planet is from my natal planet…ah ha!

One case in point…Uranus in Aries is conjunct my 8th Aries Sun. My Sun, Virgo Ascendant and Gemini MC are the only thing I have in the lower tens, single digit degrees in my chart. So only looking at the normally used major aspects, conjunction, sextile, square, trine and opposition, the only aspect Uranus appears to be making is a conjunction to my Sun. Going with the traditional meanings of Uranus conjuncting the Sun in the 8th would probably be something like this-an unexpected (Uranus) sexual encounter (8th house) that makes one shine. Hmph!! It really pisses me off that sex is the one of the main descriptions of the 8th house. The other one- inheritance. Both are non-issues for me and clearly are not hitting close to what is going on in my life. Until..

I remember that my Sun is quincunx my Ascendant and semi-square my 6th house Venus. The semi-square is hardly ever talked about as a natal aspect and even less so by transit.  So if transiting Uranus is conjunct my Sun and in the natal chart the Sun is semi-square Venus, then transiting Uranus is semi-square my Venus. That also means that transiting Uranus is affecting my 6th house. Uh yeah, it sure has…in everything that Venus represents and 6th house matters.

Getting back to the other aspect to my Ascendant means that the Uranus/Pluto conjunction is being brought out to the fore, though it will be more so when Uranus aspects my Mars. Transiting Pluto is also semi-square my Venus and squaring my Sun. Also transiting Chiron is semi-sextile my Sun.

I have felt every one of these so-called minor aspects. Uranus and Pluto as I mentioned before, is calling for my Sun to come out of the shadows. Just this week I had to stand up for myself by saying no to a responsibility being put on me ( care-taking of someones child ) because it is the traditional responsibility of a female. Nope, I am not a “traditional” female.

English: This is an image of the planet Uranus...

English: This is an image of the planet Uranus taken by the spacecraft Voyager 2 in 1986 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If I was supposed to fill that role, I don’t think I would have been born with Uranus/Pluto conjunct my Ascendant combined with a Sun/Mars Aries conjunction and that Mars quincunxing Uranus and Pluto. My 4th and 5th houses are empty, my Venus is in Aquarius, I have nothing in Cancer and I’ve never had or wanted to have children. Helllooo!! This also brings up the hurt (Chiron) of not being seen for who I was by my father (Sun).

You see, my normal modus operandi prior to the mid-life transits was to try and do whatever I could to help out, irregardless of the cost to me and my well-being. Now I’m not saying this to paint myself as a saint. Nope. I’m actually embarrassed because I realize how I was basically a sucker and how much time and energy I have wasted on other folks self-created dramas. Time, energy and money that could have been used to find out my own dreams. Carrying this further is the fact of folks thinking they only have to talk to my husband about something that involves both of us. Excuse me?! This is 2013 not 1943!

So not only is my core getting a makeover but the vehicle in which my Sun is to travel in to do what it came here to do is being made over as well. Kinda like stripping the layers of paint off an antique piece, revealing the original finish underneath. That description is very àpropos because I grew up with mega fixed energy parents. My father was a Taurus Sun/Mercury/Uranus conjunct with an early degree Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in Taurus as well and Pluto in Leo. My mother is a Leo Sun/Jupiter/Pluto/North Node conjunct in Leo with Mercury in the late degrees of Leo and Mars in Taurus. See what I mean?

As I looked at the natal aspects that are being activated in my chart, I read in my books on these transits. “Alive and Well with Uranus“, “Alive and Well with Neptune“, “Alive and Well with Pluto” and “The Twelve Faces of Saturn” all by Bil Tierney are excellent books on the transits of these planets in the houses of your chart and the contacts to the planets in your chart.  While he does not cover the minor aspects or the major aspects specifically, he gives a very detailed description of the aspect contact.  Here’s the title to a section on Uranus/Earth Venus transits: “Breaking Habits” Yep, breaking the habit of always saying yes because I don’t want to be looked at as mean if I say no to a way of being that society says, I’m supposed to say yes to. A title for the one of the Air/Venus sections: “Rude Awakening” Oh yeah, definitely.

What I’m getting at here is that by looking at the minor aspect contacts, and reading on those contacts in addition to the obvious contact being made, the astrology starts to make sense. How do you make sense of the transits compared to what’s happening in your life?  



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  1. Love this!

    I love it when I notice similarities in our thinking too. Quite a few in this post 😉

    Really like that you investigated the minor aspects, I mean, why have minor aspects if no one is going to use them, or tell us what they mean and why they exist so we can use them?

    I have looked at minor aspects, not by transit but in my natal chart, and a couple brought things to light which were intriguing and explained a lot, but finding the info was tricky.

    Most recently I was trying to clarify the meaning of the conjunct between NN and Chiron in my natal chart and just kept getting results to do with synastry, which made me annoyed as it wasn’t the info I wanted, then I laughed because of it being a relationship thing and my NN & Chiron are in the 7th. So… still the same old issue of me versus others rearing itself in search results!

    Have you investigated the shape of your chart? If you have the same shape as me, locomotive, you will have a lead planet which generates momentum for the whole chart, and thus where that is by transit, even minor, makes an impact.

    • I bet those similarities are due to your Mercury in Scorpio and me having Mercury opposing Pluto and a 3rd house Scorpio SN 🙂

      I’ve always figured that it makes no sense to say that the planets only interact with your chart at these narrowly defined points. That’s like saying, you only interact with your children (if one has them) when they are born, then maybe when they are 10, 20, and 40.

      Yes finding good info on the minors is difficult, so I just focus on finding good interps of the interaction between the two planets. And that is hard sometimes as well especially with the outer planets and Chiron.

      Chiron and the NN-yep, hard to find good info on this combination. Chiron sextiles my NN so I’m definitely interested in finding good info on this. From “Chiron: Rainbow Bridge Between the Inner and Outer Planets” by Barbara Hand Clow

      “…the native will create a way to live life as a healer, initiator or spiritual teacher…” She says the more that you don’t do this, the more frustrated you’ll be. If I understand this right, you’ll bring forth this healing ability you already have into one to one type relationships.

      My chart, I think is a splay…probably should be splat as I’m all over the place. My only empty houses are the 2nd, 4th, 5th and 11th.

  2. Also, just a thought, but is your husband more likely to say yes to what the people are asking for? That may explain why they go to him, then let him speak with you. Pluto & Uranus in the 1st, on the Asc, and an Aries Sun amplified by Mars, make for a powerful combo… one which would scare delicate souls who are afraid of hearing the word no when they want a yes.

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