Ascendant Transits-Jupiter Connections pt 1

A wider view of Jupiter and the Great Red Spot...

A wider view of Jupiter and the Great Red Spot as seen from Voyager 1 in 1979 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What I have somewhat neglected to recognize consciously is the fact that my Ascendant has been receiving laser beams at it by all the outer planets starting with Jupiter and including the North Node. I’ll talk about these in future posts but in this one I’ll talk about Jupiter.  Don’t be surprised if there is another post to go along with this one.

Jupiter in Cancer,  while in the single digits have sextild my Ascendant and explains the yo-yo effect on my appetite and the way that I look at life. At first I started back craving sweets and my all time favorite potato chips. Then the cravings kinda went away or maybe I should say I’ve had more willpower (Scorpio) and discipline (Saturn) to control the indulging the last few weeks. Taking a risk of sounding like Martha Stewart, “that’s a good thing” because my waistline has expanded from all those (Jupiter) size bag of chips I have been eating…by myself. I am definitely an emotional eater and the emotions have run on overdrive as I go from being optimistic, well somewhat optimistic as being one of those happy-go-lucky totally optimistic is so not me, to totally pessimistic.

Maybe one day, I’ll be optimistic. Nah, I doubt that…too Plutonian.

Now Jupiter in Cancer so far has delivered more than just the bag or three of chips lol.  As he’s traveled through my 11th house, he’s gifted me in the form of expanding my network. More accurately, I’m finding my tribe which is basically what a family is. The difference being its with people who are not related by blood.  And the best part… you get to choose!

Again, a good thing as finding these people has helped me feel more secure in learning, expanding, exploring and sharing the Uranian part of me that has been forced underground since childhood. That goes for the Plutonian part as well since they are as one in my natal chart.

I’m reading “Exploring the Astrological Key to Jupiter” by Stephen Arroyo so I’m sure I’ll have more to say later.  And hopefully my posts will get better.


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  1. Great post! As I was reading my brain whirred, there seems to be much synchronicity in our minds.

    I was exploring cravings yesterday and what they mean in terms of the brain trying to get us to provide the body with certain nutrients. Sugar and salt are the most common craving, they are similar to elements the body uses to regulate itself, a depletion of an energy source within the body triggers cravings, the brain flashes foods it knows we like in our minds to get us to feed the need. If you figure out exactly what it wants and provide it, you can change what it makes you crave.

    Astrologically, trying to control yourself has the same effect as when someone else tries to control you, that’s directly connected to Uranus/Pluto conjunct, especially in the 1st, and more so when Jupiter gets in the mix. Jupiter amplifies everything it touches, it causes extremes swings across a spectrum of emotions and thoughts, and when it touches Uranus it is like a spectacular lightning storm. When it touches Pluto, the underworld gets more underworldy 😉

    More posts please!!!

    • I’ve been thinking about what you’ve said about controlling oneself. Jupiter is in a t-square at the apex, square to Uranus/Pluto in the 1st and Saturn/Mercury retrograde/Chiron in the 7th. Controlling myself has been the way I’ve been all my life…not that I’ve always done a good job at it. I’ve never thought of Jupiter aspecting my Ascendant from the natal standpoint.

      🙂 Thanks, I intend on writing more posts.

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